Union Station

20 Dec

So last night was our special Christmas dinner out. We decided to go out and celebrate just the two of us before we head back to KS and all the craziness of family and schedules. We decided on this great restaurant called Prime 108. It’s inside Union Station downtown which might have been better than the restaurant itself.

It was recently renovated into a hotel and is stunningly beautiful inside.







































Us after our wonderful dinner!



27 Nov

So you know how people always say once you get married you’ll become more and more like your spouse? Well here we go – nearing six months into marriage and I’m catching the photography bug. Don’t worry, there won’t be any kind of competing between Anne and I (there’d be no competition there!) but it was fun to go out and explore through a (real) camera lens. Here are a few selected works:




























As you might have noticed, Thursday was Thanksgiving. Unfortunately Anne had to be on call this week for work so we had to stay here but it was kind of nice just having it be the two of us. Fortunately for me, Anne is a wonderful cook and made a wonderful dinner for us:









Back to that part about becoming like your spouse – I’m getting Anne interested in the idea of biking. I’m thrilled. More to come…

Family Photo

15 Nov

We got to take yet another trip back to KS this past weekend (racking up those Southwest Rapid Rewards…) and see my aunt and uncle while they were in town. I also got in a ride with Bob while we stopped in Lawrence. This was actually a gravel ride instead of on the road and of course he gave me the heaviest bike he could find – I’m onto his game. Besides physical exhaustion, it was a lot of fun seeing family and gave us a much-needed break.

It was decided that we take a family photo for my parents’ Christmas cards, and with a dog that can get interesting. This is how it went:








Group shot:

From the Road…

7 Nov

Had quite an interesting ride this evening – lots of wildlife were out. I love riding through Percy Warner in the evening as I’m usually bound to at least run into some deer. I was able to catch these guys but couldn’t get a picture of some turkeys I rode by. Hopefully they get out of town before Thanksgiving…














1 Nov

Here are the inner-workings of a guitar with two push-pull pots. Assuming you’re like most people and don’t know/care what that means, here’s perhaps the quickest definition. They each effectively cut the output volume of their respective pickup in half. Still not intereseted? Then here’s a pretty picture.


Happy Halloween!

31 Oct
Lately we’ve gotten to enjoy a real gem of Nashville that even we were unaware of until recently: Radnor Lake. It has great hiking trails all around this large lake right here in our backyard. We found out about it through a guy we met at church. He’s a local doctor and took us out to eat and meet his son and daughter-in-law who are great people. We went out for some really good Indian food and then went hiking with them the next day.
We also had a staff Halloween party with Anne’s co-workers the other night. It was a lot of fun and while we didn’t win the costume contest, we were Mary Poppins and the chimney sweep. No pics yet, but hopefully some to come…
It’s so beautiful there we’ve been back many times, including this:


17 Oct

I’ve been taking advantage of the warmer weather here lately to get in some more bike rides before it gets much colder. My usual standby is going out to Percy Warner park because it has lots of hills and very few cars. The pavement is smooth and it’s a beautiful park. Not to mention the workout I get in 12miles there would take me 25+ to get back in Kansas.











Yes, I’m spoiled.